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Best of Japan 2020 announced!!!


The DJ MAG JAPAN “Best of Japan 2020”, which decides the best club in Japan, was announced, and thanks to the support of many people, we were able to become the best number one this year, continuing from last year. Thank you to all the customers and users who voted.

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News of store reopening


  <News of store reopening> We will strengthen our efforts to prevent the spread of infection and operate with thorough safety management. We appreciate your understanding and cooperation.

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  Weekday events are even better deals! From Sunday to Thursday (WEEKDAY *excluding special days) Foreign nationals, students, apparel, beauty related people. You can enter with special benefits only on weekdays!

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  《NEW FLOOR MAP》 New “HANARE” B1 FLOOR OPEN!! The concept is a luxury executive lounge. You can enjoy a different way of enjoying from the conventional CAMELOT. We have prepared the latest equipment such as sound, lighting, large LED, etc. that is not inferior to the main floor and prepare various contents!!

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  【BACHELORETTE PARTY】 Before getting married, have a special girls party with special friends. The last single party!! Let’s decide the dress code and have a party! 1 group = 10,000 yen (up to 8 people / male customer is NG) ♡ Bachelorette goods ♡ Free admission for all group women ♡ Champagne bottle with […]

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Camelot mixcloud


  Created a mixcloud account! At the event that is held every weekend, we will record the most exciting peak peak time DJ Play and will regularly upload it as a live sound source. Please listen to it as a preparation and review of club activities on weekends, as a background music for commuting to […]

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  Check the Youtube channel to see the excitement of Club Camelot at a glance from the link below! Be sure to check out the guest DJ nights we’ve sent so far and the enthusiasm of the day, such as special events! After movie collection Link

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Happy Birthday Plan!


  Camelot’s Happy Birthday Plan is great value! Please make a surprise birthday for your important friend. “BIRTHDAY SPECIAL 7 big service” ♡ Free admission for all BD group women ♡ Named dessert plate ♡ Champagne bottle with name ♡ Birthday call by Camelot DJ ♡ Display your name on a large monitor ♡ Birthday […]

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Why not spend an extraordinary life with CLUB camelot, which boasts one of the most mobilized people in Tokyo? CLUB camelot currently has about 100 staff members. At our shop, we are urgently looking for “friends” who will work together, such as “I want to work at a club!” “I like music!” There are many […]

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Please thoroughly enjoy your exciting nightlife at the VIP table. CLUB camelot has a VIP table in a gorgeous area where blue is precious. You can take a break on the dance floor between dances, spend a relaxing time at the VIP table, and enjoy an elegant time in good club music. We have prepared […]

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