DJ Ryoya 2020.08.20

Born January 1, 1995 in Sapporo, Hokkaido. After moving to Tokyo for college, he started DJing in Tokyo in August 2013. He has performed at many events at various famous clubs in Tokyo, and quickly became a regular weekend DJ due to his ability.
In February 2015, he played on the main floor of WOMB, considered the best club in Japan, and in May 2015, he became the youngest DJ ever to play at ageHa’s arena.
In the fall of the same year, she performed at the “ELECTRO DASH” run-and-dance event for 20,000 people in Tokyo and Osaka.
In addition, in August 2016, she performed in the “Summer Soni? Samasoni!” in August 2016. audition in August 2016, and was selected as one of the 16 finalist groups out of 3400 finalists to receive the BEACH Award and perform on the BEACH stage at SUMMER SONIC2016. In October 2016, he released his first official mix “PROGRESSIVE TRAXX”, which debuted at #1 on the iTunes dance chart on its first day.
He is currently a regular Saturday DJ at Shibuya Camelot and performs at many popular parties every week, including “ATOM THURSDAY” at Shibuya ATOM and “SHIBUYA MIXX” at Shibuya TK. Recently, he has been focusing on music production, releasing his original music “Senrigan” in December 2018 and “HIGHER” in November 2019.
His playing style is trendy EDM and POPS at ALLMIX, but he also plays PROGRESSIVE HOUSE, TECH HOUSE, and EVEN KICK.
He also plays EVEN KICK. His groovy performance and sweet mask attracts not only men but also women. They are fascinating to listen to, and continue to grow. His youth, visuals, and sense of music are all outstanding, and he is one of the most promising DJs of the next generation.

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