The audience's enthusiasm is incorporated into the music.

What is the commitment to music production that "YOSEEK," the No. 1 young DJ to watch, has?

Yoseek has performed at ULTRA JAPAN 2018 and ULTRA JAPAN 2019, two consecutive years at the big festivals in Japan, and was ranked No. 2 in the DJ MAG JAPAN U-29 DJ category, and has been very active as a DJ. Yoseek also shows his talent as a music producer, as "I'm So Happy feat. Yoseek & HarukiD", produced with iamSHUM, debuted at No. 1 on the iTunes Dance Chart.
We interviewed him to find out more about his roots and his thoughts on music production, and he candidly explained how he got started as a DJ, his obsession with music production, and his current state of mind as a resident DJ at "CLUB CAMELOT," which seats 300,000 people a year at such a young age.

Become a DJ. How did it start?

When I was a college student, a friend of mine was listening to dance music. At the time, EDM was just starting to become popular, and the first dance music CD I rented was ZEDD's "clarity.
At the time, I still had no idea that I would become a DJ, but when I actually went to Ultra Japan in 2014, I was struck by the feeling of the venue and the DJ becoming one with the music, and I decided that I wanted to become a DJ, too.

On how he got into CAMELOT

After graduating from a vocational school, I worked at an apparel company while freelancing as a DJ. At that time, I was DJing at CAMELOT once a month, and it was at that time that I met DJ.SASA, who invited me to join.
I was somewhat apprehensive, but I thought that such a big opportunity would never come my way, so I immediately quit my job at an apparel company and joined CAMELOT.

About the origin of the name YOSEEK

Originally, I was a DJ under my real name, but I decided to change my name in my third year, just as I was becoming more proficient as a DJ. YOSEEK" was coined by adding the English word "SEEK" to my real name, "YOSHI. The word "SEEK" means "search" or "seek," and the idea is to always keep an inquiring mind while DJing.

The songs that I have fond memories of are

Of course, "Clarity" by ZEDD was my first exposure to dance music, but "Deja vu," which is my first single, is the song I am most attached to. It was when I entered the studio with my fellow labelmate, OHC, while working on the Twenty Music label.
Releasing a song is not an easy thing to do, which is why I am so passionate about it.

What is important when creating music

Of course, trends are important, but I think the most important thing is whether or not the game will "catch on" in the way I play it. Simply suppressing the trends of the day does not bring out originality, and I also place importance on "consistency in my play. What is important is to make the audience happy when they come to see my play.

About memorable festival events

I was very impressed with Ultra Japan in 2019 because I was able to perform at the event that inspired me to become a DJ two years in a row in 2018 and 2019. I thought I was able to show my growth over the past year.
We have also released about 6~7 songs, and "I need you now feat. Celine Farach" is a song I collaborated with Celine Farach in the US, and I was able to play it with her.

What is the challenge of being a DJ?

As I am allowed to perform at various festivals and events, I am grateful that there are audiences all over Japan who come to hear my songs. I am very happy when I play while thinking about my songs as the core of my performance and when they get excited.

New music is scheduled to be released in

Yes, we have a few songs planned. We currently have 2.3 songs planned, all of which are collaborations. We are planning to create some badass collaboration songs that you will definitely enjoy, so I hope you will look forward to them.



Audience Enthusiasm
We put it into the music.

What is "YOSEEK's" commitment to music production?


A natural extension of your own worldview
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He naturally draws the audience into his worldview.


DJ ing and writing songs that "move people's hearts".


Capturing the audience's enthusiasm in terms of surfaces rather than dots, the audience is in control of their enthusiasm.


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