DJ YU-RI 2020.08.20

He started his career as a DJ in 2012.
Soon after, he started his career as a DJ at REDAREA (former GASPANIC and GP BAR), one of the most popular clubs in Roppongi
and its sister club LINECLUB (former 99)
He was selected as a total sound producer,
He is well known for his unique and playful style of playing not only HipHop and EDM, but also dance, Psyche, and many other genres.
Since January 2017, he has been freelancing, making over 200 appearances a year.
In June 2006, YU-RI and Yoshy Wizer formed the record producer / DJ unit “Yousless”.
Their original songs and remixes, created from a unique worldview that cannot be imitated by anyone else, are highly acclaimed by a wide range of people both in Japan and abroad.
He is definitely one of the most promising DJs in the world of DJs.

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