DJ U5(Prog5) 2020.08.20

He is the main DJ of the now legendary Club Vanilla, and has made a name for himself in the club industry. He is currently the president of Tokyo Style, which aims to bridge the gap between DISCO and CLUB, his concept, and has become a major figure in the Tokyo club scene, producing events at various clubs and corporate events. agePa! for four years, as well as being the main DJ at Club Camelot on weekends and making guest appearances at a variety of clubs. His delicate yet dynamic DJ mixing technique and grooves that envelop the floor are described as “U5 HOUSE,” and he has the support of many audiences. He has a wide range of personal connections with top DJs and artists in various genres, as well as models and stylists, which shows his popularity. In the past, he produced the national tour for the apparel brand “LIP SERVICE 10th Anniversay Party,” produced the after-party for MARK STYLER’s “Touch Me,” and has recently expanded his range of productions to include nationwide event production based on the concept of BOATRACE x music. Recently, he has been expanding the scope of his production activities, including nationwide event production based on the concept of BOATRACE x music. As a pioneer of the festival boom, he comprehensively produced “TOKYO ALLMIX FESTIVAL” from 2013 to 2015, the first all-mix outdoor festival in history to gather all popular clubs in Tokyo, and attracted 5,000 people for three consecutive years.

In 2016, he was selected as a member of DJMAGJAPAN and won the 2016 Best MAINSTREAM award, and in 2017, he performed on the boombox car stage at the first EDC JAPAN, and his new career as an artist is attracting attention. He is also an artist.

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