CAMELOT × Public stand 2022.02.14


CAMEROT and Pabsta Shibuya have started a collaboration project!

A collaborative project between the two brands will start involving the city of Shibuya!

-Project Contents

Women: Free unlimited drinks at Pabsta Shibuya for those who play “CAMELOT” Men: 1,000 yen off

Those who play at “Pabsta Shibuya” can get a free admission ticket to “CAMELOT!

CLUB CAMELOT” in Shibuya, which boasts “one of the largest attendance in Tokyo” under the theme of a “fourth place” where new encounters and experiences can be found, and a new paradise/ideal home for adults.
▶︎CAMELOT Official Site

BAR PUBLIC STAND” where you can drink, play, come and go as much as you want for unlimited time with a “glowing stamp” and can even go to 15 stores across the country.
▶︎Public Stand Shibuya Official Website