• 15:00
    Check out the event on Instagram
    Dinner with friends and everyone else tonight. Tomorrow is my day off, so I plan to drink until morning! It’s been a while since we’ve all gotten together, so I’m looking forward to it. The CAMELOT event I found on Instagram sounds fun… I’ll ask everyone about it when I see them!
  • 20:00
    Meet up with friends and go to a pub
    We all met up at an izakaya and started the first meeting. We had a lot of fun talking about the things we had been waiting to talk about, and the pace of our drinking increased. I check CAMELOT’s Insta-story to see what’s happening.
  • 23:00
    Purchase tickets via APP
    The drinking party was a lot of fun and we went to the second party. Everyone had the next day off, so we decided to drink until morning and discussed the location. We decided that the CAMELOT event we had seen on Instagram earlier sounded like fun, so we bought tickets through the app. There was a coupon, so we were able to buy tickets at a discount, and the entrance was smooth!
  • 24:00
    Go to CAMELOT
    After leaving the first meeting place, it was time to go to CAMELOT! There are 3 floors with a wide range of music genres from the latest EDM to OPEN FORMAT and many different ways to have fun. Everyone bought drinks and had a great time today with the music!
  • 26:00
    Go home & share on Instagram
    We all had a great time and decided to go home. I thought clubs were scary places, but they weren’t at all! I looked back at the pictures I took today and shared them on social media. I hope we can all go again.


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