CLUB CAMELOT × 海の家 2022.06.13


CLUB CAMELOT x Beach House
Short-term summer job openings!
Job Type /// Hall Staff (Catering), Kitchen Staff, Food & Beverage, Others
Salary /// 1,050 per hour ~ Transportation expenses paid (up to limit)
Working hours /// Shifts between 8:00 ~ 21:00 hours 2 days a week ~/ 4 hours a day!
Location /// Yuhigahama Beach, Kamakura City, Kanagawa Prefecture
Application Contact /// 03-5728-5613 Kurihara, Recruitment
Club Camelot, a leading club in Shibuya, will open its first beach house in the summer of 2022. We are looking for members who can make the beach house in Yuhigahama, which will be opened for the first time in two years, exciting together.